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M1 Modern Floral Design Artistry 

No. of Lessons: 4 Lessons

Date: 2, 9,16, 23 Jan 2021

Instructor : Mr. Kenny Chan

Time: 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Fee: HK$5,500 (Flower & accessories included)

HK$1,400 / lesson (Flower & accessories included)

Applicant: general people & florists

Textbook: Sources of Creativity by Gregor Lersch

$1,150 ( Students enrolled for this class can only buy one for this special price. Limited copies, first come first serve)

Course Content:

This course is an introduction to floral design in light of plastic art concepts.

Come and discover how magical & creative the botanical world could enrich your sense of artistry.

1.) The uniqueness of plant material as design elements.

2.) An overview of classic & contemporary floristry.

3.) Explanation of the well spring of creativity in floral designs.

4.) The importance of basic floristry techniques.



# Enjoy early bird discount of HK $100-Enroll (for 4 lessons) and full payment before 21 th Dec.,2020



* Payment should be made by direct transfer to HSBC Bank account 113-211411-838, or by cheque payable to “Greenfingers Florist Co., Ltd”.

* Please fill in the application form together with the receipt, Whatsapp to (852) 9466 3935 or email to square@greenfingers.com.hk. Please bring them to the lesson for checking.

* Those who enroll 1-3 lessons will only be accepted on or after 22nd Dec., 2020 if there is still vacancies left.

*請把報名表及入數紙Whatsapp至 (852) 9466 3935 或電郵至 square@greenfingers.com.hk, 並於開課時帶備入數紙正本以便查閱。

戶口: Greenfingers Florist Co.Ltd. 匯豐銀行 HSBC: 113-211411-838

支票付款抬頭請寫 “Greenfingers Florist Co., Ltd”


Venue : A2 ,6/F, Sunking Factory Building , 1-7 Shing Chuen Road, Shatin


Application form: 


HOT LINE : 31604065